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  Sadharan Brahmo Samaj Library

  211/1, Bidhan Sarani, Kolkata - 700006
  Email: library.sbsamaj@gmail.com
  Phone: (+91) 9007688760


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Support the Library

The Library is a hub of knowledge, culture, and communication. Without your loyalty and support, this historic library simply would not survive.


A recurring or one time donation of your choice allows you to make an easy and sustainable impact, and provides us with the consistency to keep services for the reader and to maintain this historic library. All donations in the name of "Sadharan Brahmo Samaj" are exampted u/s 80G of Income Tax act.


Volunteers make a huge contribution to the work of the Library. We value our volunteers highly the time, energy and talent they contribute is vital for our library work. Volunteers also have the opportunity to actively engage with our history, culture, knowledge, ideas and the world of books. Library volunteers perform a broad range of crucial roles, including:
a) Organising and indexing collections to improve the reader's access to them
b) Digitisation & book repairing work
c) Raising donations for the Library


A library is the delivery room for the birth of ideas, a place where history comes to life. - Norman Cousins